3 cool tips for hot days


Once again it is a hot day. The sun is burning from the sky and you don't want to move from the spot.
We'll tell you here how to master your everyday life in spite of the heat: 

1. Avoid alcohol, caffeine and heavy food.

No beer before four! Alcohol, caffeine and heavy food have one thing in common: They damage your circulation. Although you can get your circulation going wonderfully on normal days with a cup of coffee, it is not advisable on particularly hot days. Although the circulation is stimulated for a short time, it then drops even further than before and thus damages your well-being. You should even keep your fingers off the popular iced coffee at maximum temperatures.

It is similar with alcohol. It dilates the blood vessels and the blood inside you sinks. As a result, there is too little blood in the bloodstream. The consequences are dizziness and discomfort. If too much is eaten, it also damages the circulation, since a lot of blood flows from the circulation into the digestive organs.

The visit to the beer garden does not have to be cancelled. Simply go on a cool evening and limit your alcohol and calorie consumption a little. The circulation remains stable and you enjoy a nice summer evening.

Alkohol, Koffein und schweres Essen vermeiden

Sport nur am Abend oder früh morgens

2. Sports only in the evening or early in the morning

That you lose a lot of water during sports at high temperatures and that it is not beneficial to health, should be clear to everyone. But what you
perhaps did not know yet: even bad air and smog can have a great influence
on your well-being. Above all, endurance athletes are put off by the bad air
in the cities, because they breathe particularly deeply and fast. If the mucous membranes are already contaminated, the eyes, nose and lungs react quickly to the pollution. The effects of the polluted air are caused by the
high temperatures and the accompanying loss of fluid.
It is best to postpone training or a walk until the evening. Those who are sensitive to high ozone levels should exercise outdoors before 10 a.m. or after 7 p.m. when the ozone level is low.

3. Regular refreshment

Cooling number 1 in high heat: water. If you refresh yourself regularly with the cool water, even the greatest heat will not harm you. Just a few splashes of water in your face or hold your forearms under the cold water jet - and you'll feel fresh and awake again.

Even more important than cooling from the outside is sufficient cooling of the body from the inside. When the heat is high, you should drink at least two or better three litres a day to compensate for the loss of fluids caused by sweating. Because sweating does not only cause you to lose fluid, important minerals like potassium leave our body with the sweat as well, which need to be replaced. Mineral water and vegetable or fruit spritzers provide the necessary minerals.

But beware! Enjoy your thirst quencher best at room temperature. Ice-cold drinks do not cool the body down, but heat it up additionally, as it must first heat up the cold drink in order to digest it.

Regelmäßige Erfrischung